Merchant Services

Hooghly Technologies provides high quality, secure, reliable and fast merchant services, or credit card processing services for local and global retail outlets.

POS Terminal

Hooghly Technologies offers POS deployment, management and transaction processing services to the retail/ merchant customers.

Payment Gateway

The payments made on any ecommerce website are processed through the payment gateway, which connects the business with its bank account.

Software Development

Our software development services envelop the entire spectrum of IT systems, Project Management and Asset Management software.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile technologies have become an important platform to conduct business, generate leads and support operations.

Digital Marketing

Today, Social Media is the best medium to market your product or service and reach millions of youngsters across the globe.

Right Technology Partner for Your Business

Hooghly Technologies understands that, no two businesses and their ecommerce and merchant services needs are alike. Our primary strength is in catapulting brick-and-mortar businesses to ecommerce platform, and design a POS system based on the unique needs of your business.