About Us

Hooghly Technologies & Services Private Limited is based in Hyderabad, India. We are a complete, innovative and value-driven digital solutions company. Our motto is to develop cost-effective and impactful PoS & payments transaction solutions to Organizations and SMBs (small and medium businesses). We ensure that each business’s payment procedures are streamlined and work towards creating a prospering entity.

Whether your business is starting up or embarking on growth, we always have the right merchant payment solution. Our focus is primarily on developing custom technology solutions for the retail businesses. By this, we aim to keep the global retail industry greatly competitive, and ready for the challenges of the business environment.

With our technology competency, the retail industry can focus more on its core competencies as their IT processes are handled by our team of experienced software professionals. Our all-inclusive and multi-featured payment solutions ensure a secure and streamlined payment transaction irrespective of the merchant's trade in products/services and the channel used to reach prospective buyers.

Hooghly Technologies is managed by a team of business professionals, technology consultants and market leaders who together bring proven experience of decades in developing and managing payment & merchant payment solutions.

Hooghly Technologies has evolved as one of the leading merchant payment solutions provider in India. Each solution developed for merchant payments offers the advantages of uniqueness, complete understanding every customer’s needs, easy installation and prompt maintenance. Our experience in developing merchant payment solutions and merchant processing activities has helped us to establish quality benchmarks in the production of POS products.


To emerge as the best and most innovative merchant payment solutions provider


To establish new and innovative benchmarks in the design, development, execution and maintenance of high quality and cost-effective merchant payment solutions


True leadership focuses equally on goal setting and goal achievement. The leadership team at Hoogly Technologies is motivated by unparalleled energetic enthusiasm, to excel at work, and go a mile ahead to ensure customer delight. We are strikingly sensitive to understand the needs of our retail businesses, and completely willing to take total responsibility for the solutions developed.

All the team members ensure that the company’s motto to offer complete digital solutions to local and global retail businesses is totally met. This means to provide complete, value-driven and highly impactful payment solutions for merchants.