IT Services

Hoogly Technologies understands that, no two businesses and their ecommerce and merchant services needs are alike. Our primary strength is in catapulting brick-and-mortar businesses to ecommerce platform, and design a POS system based on the unique needs of your business.

Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or any kind of specialty business our focused and customized approach ensures that your POS system matches your transaction requirements. Our ecommerce and POS solutions are fast, simple, and easy, help you to save on time and money, and offer the benefit of convenient means of payment to your customers. Notably, we provide complete point of sale solutions all backed by 24/7 support.

Our ecommerce solutions give retailers more options to get their products or services to market quickly. Our ecommerce solutions present features viz. eliminating duplication of efforts to add existing products with one click, faster products upload to sell items quickly track and adjust inventory to match physical store and online interface, and track customer's online activity with gainful customer insights to record and follow-up.

Hoogly Technologies is your right technology partner for moving your business from brick-and-mortor stage to ecommerce, and later connecting your online store with leading POS solutions.